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Submissions from 2018


The impact of load carriage on measures of power and agility in tactical occupations: A critical review, Aaron Joseph, Amy Wiley, Rob M. Orr, Ben Schram, and James Jay Dawes

Submissions from 2017


A physical fitness profile of state highway patrol officers by gender and age, James Jay Dawes, Rob Orr, Richard Flores, Robert G. Lockie, Charles Kornhauser, and Ryan Holmes

Elite Fire Wellness - Beyond The Turnouts - Ep2 [Interview], John Hofman and Rob Marc Orr

Load Carriage–Related Paresthesias (Part 2): Meralgia Paresthetica, Joseph J. Knapik, Katy Reynolds, Robin Orr, and Rodney Pope


A profile of injuries sustained by Law Enforcement Officers: A Critical Review, Kate Lyons, Cameron Radburn, Robin Orr, and Rodney Pope

Assessing differences in anthropometric and fitness characteristics between police academy cadets and incumbent officers, Rob Orr, James Jay Dawes, Rodney Pope, and Joseph Terry


Grip strength and its relationship to police recruit task performance and injury risk: A retrospective cohort study, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, Michael Stierli, and Benjamin Hinton


Incidence rates for work health and safety incidents and injuries in Australian Army Reserve vs full time soldiers, and a comparison of reporting systems, Rodney Pope and Rob Orr


The impact of body armor on physical performance of law enforcement personnel: A systematic review, Colin Tomes, Rob Marc Orr, and Rodney Pope


Dr. Robin Orr: Load Carriage and tactical fitness [Interview], Erik Walker and Rob Orr

Submissions from 2016

The impact of suppressing a structural fire on firefighter hydration, Andrew Carlton, Richard J. Gorey, and Robin M. Orr

The use of 2 conditioning programs and the fitness characteristics of police academy cadets, Charles Cocke, Jay Dawes, and Robin Marc Orr


Associations between anthropometric characteristics and physical performance in male law enforcement officers: A retrospective cohort study, James Jay Dawes, Rob Orr, Claire Louise Siekaniec, Andrea Annie Vanderwoude, and Rodney Pope

The effect of age on push-up performance amongst male law enforcement officers, Jay Dawes, Rob Orr, Brittany L. Brandt, Robin L. Conroy, and Rodney Pope

Injuries and footwear (Part 2): Minimalist running shoes, Joseph J. Knapik, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, and Tyson Grier

Load carriage-related paresthesias: Part 1: Rucksack palsy and digitalgia paresthetica, Joseph Knapik, Katy Reynolds, Rob Orr, and Rodney Pope


Differences in physical characteristics and performance measures of part-time and full-time tactical personnel: A critical narrative review, Dylan MacDonald, Rodney Pope, and Rob Orr


A comparison of work health and safety incidents and injuries in part-time and full-time Australian Army personnel, Dylan MacDonald, Rodney Pope, and Rob Marc Orr

Self-reported load carriage injuries of military soldiers, Rob Orr, Julia Coyle, Venerina Johnston, and Rodney Pope


A functional movement screen profile of an Australian state police force: A retrospective cohort study, Robin Marc Orr, Rodney Pope, Michael Stierli, and Ben Hinton

A physical training framework for reserve personnel: A rationalization and recommendations, Robin M. Orr, Rodney P. Pope, and Joseph J. Knapik

Avoiding Program Induced Cumulative Overload (PICO), Rob Orr, Joseph J. Knapick, and Rodney Pope


Gender differences in load carriage injuries of Australian army soldiers, Rob Orr and Rodney Pope


Leg power as an indicator for risk of injury or illness in police recruits, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, Samantha Peterson, Ben Hinton, and Michael Stierli


The impact of fire suppression tasks on firefighter hydration: A critical review with consideration of the utility of reported hydration measures, Adam Walker, Rodney Pope, and Robin M. Orr

Submissions from 2015

The functional movement screen as a predictor of police occupational task performance, Clare Bock, Michael Stierli, Ben Hinton, and Rob Orr

Injuries and footwear (Part 1): Athletic shoe history and injuries in relation to foot arch height and training in boots, Jospeh Knapik, Rodney Pope, Rob Orr, and Tyson Grier