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Orr, R.M., Stewart, M., Hinton, B., Stierli, M. & Pope, R. (2017). Musculoskeletal fitness as a predictor of injury during police academy training: A retrospective cohort study. Podium presentation at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 02-04 July, 2017.

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• Tactical training institutions (like those for military, law enforcement and firefighting) often implement intensive training regimes to adequately prepare their candidates (Bullock et al. 2010)

• Recruit training physical fitness assessment items are performed to determine baseline fitness of each recruit

• Previous research has investigated fitness measures as a positive injury predictor among tactical recruits during basic training (Bedno et al., 2013; Knapik et al., 2001; O’connor et al., 2011; Rosendal, et al., 2003)

• However protocols generally include aerobic fitness as part of the process with predominantly military recruit populations (Lisman, et al. 2013: Knapik et al., 2001)

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