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Pope, R. P., Orr, R. M., Walker, A., Irving, S. D., Jones, R. P., Gorey, R. J., Gayton, S. D., & Knapik, J. J. (2016). Training for tactical operations in tropical environments: Challenges, risks, & strategies for risk management. Abstract presented at the 2nd Science of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity in the Tropics conference (pp. 35-37).7-9 September, 2016. Townsville, Australia.

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Tactical operators, encompassing military, law enforcement, fire and other emergency personnel, can be found in all climatic zones. These tactical operators may be deployed at short notice to tropical environments, often with limited time to acclimatise if based in more temperate zones. They are then expected to undertake arduous tactical tasks, often repeatedly and for extended periods in the tropical area. These demands combine with harsh environments, personal protective equipment (PPE), tactical loads, threats to life, and responsibility for the safety and survival of others to place immense physical and mental stresses on tactical operators. Managing the resulting risks is challenging. The aim of this presentation is to elucidate the challenges, discuss their management and identify knowledge gaps requiring further research. The presentation will draw on experienced tactical operators, research evidence, and reports of adverse events.



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