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Tactical Research Unit

Tactical Research Unit


What is tactical research? Investigation into the performance, health, safety, and wellbeing of individuals involved in military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and other public safety and security activities.

The Tactical Research Unit (TRU) of Bond University is a multidisciplinary, international team researching ways to enhance the protection and performance of tactical personnel in military, law enforcement and fire fighter/first responder organisations. Research informs education and consultancy services provided by the TRU to tactical groups and organisations.

The TRU was established in 2015 by Dr Rod Pope and Dr Rob Orr, building on many years of collaborative research, practice and service in this field.


To enhance the protection and performance of tactical personnel through pragmatic research, education and advice.


Excellence in research that will lead to improvements in the health, wellbeing and occupational performance of tactical personnel.

Visit the Tactical Research Unit’s website for more information.

Visit the Personal Researcher Pages of Rob Orr and Rod Pope to access their extensive lists of publications.

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