Driving mobility in your institution - Bond University

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Kinash, S. (2013). Driving mobility in your institution - Bond University [Recorded Presentation].

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The webinar, presented by Dr. Shelly Kinash, Associate Professor Higher Education and Director, Learning and Teaching at Bond University, addressed:

(1) What is mobile learning? Would a better name be tablet teaching? Is there any evidence that learning is improved when teachers and students use mobile devices?

This section covered a few popular definitions, showcased a video of what mobile learning looks like at Bond University, and delivered a short presentation about the research Dr. Kinash and her colleagues did to provide evidence that mobile learning did indeed improve student achievement.

(2) Why isn’t every teacher and every student engaged in mobile learning? What are the barriers? Why the resistance? How can you drive mobility in your institution?

This section discussed the Mobile Creative Learning Inspiration Crew (MCLIC) initiative at Bond University and provided tips and suggestions to mobilise mobile learning.