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Smith, D., Kinash, S., & Brand, J. (2013). Are the library shelves empty now that digital books have arrived?. Education Technology Solutions, 54 , 68-72.

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Imagine if it was possible for students to carry all of their textbooks with them at all times because the books weighed less than 700g in total and they fitted easily into a small bag. Then imagine that within those books, the content appears to come to life. Touch a word and it provides a definition or a translation into another language. Touch a picture and it transforms into an animation or a video. An invisible tutor is present checking the reader’s knowledge of the content and providing not just immediate feedback, but also indicating which content should be studied. Do you need a new book as soon as possible? No problem, with little more than the touch of a button you can own it and be reading it. What if you do not want the whole book? That is okay too; just buy the chapter you want. This might all sound fanciful or futuristic. However, for some learners it is their contemporary reality. Electronic textbooks make all of these scenarios a reality.



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