eTEVAL pilot project: Migrating teacher evaluations to the online environment

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Kinash, S., Hives, L,. & Knight, D. (2010). eTEVAL pilot project: Migrating teacher evaluations to the online environment. Paper presented at the 4th International multi-conference on society, cybernetics and informatics: IMSCI 2010, Orlando, Florida, United States.

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2010 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 130300

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Since 1989 Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia has conducted student evaluation of teaching (TEVALs) utilising a method of paper-based surveying, manually distributed and collected by TEVAL officers in lectures and tutorials. In the final semester of 2009, research was conducted into the benefits of online TEVALs considering such factors as student response rates, and student and educator feedback submitted through a drop-box forum. A pilot project was administered through the Office of Quality, Teaching, and Learning to assess the efficacy of migrating TEVALs to the online environment. This paper documents the process undertaken to market and deliver the eTEVALs as well as the initial findings based on response rates and feedback from staff and students.

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