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Hamlin, G., Kinash, S., Crane, L., Bannatyne, A., Judd, M-M., Stark, A., Eckersley, B., Partridge, H., & Udas, K. (2016). National research on the postgraduate student experience: Case presentation on the first year postgraduate student experience (Volume 1 of 3). Canberra, ACT: Australian Department of Education and Training.

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This case presentation on the first year postgraduate student experience is grounded in Australian national research on postgraduate student experiences. This is not a typical or traditional case study, in that the pages that follow present perspectives, stories and proposed solutions from a large number of people. To bound the case presentation to one or two narratives or ‘cases’ would severely limit the impact. This case presentation is therefore thematic, interweaving many stories, quotes, descriptions, and perspectives on the first year postgraduate student experience.

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