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Kinash, S. (2015, October). National student evaluation research. Paper presented at Student Evaluation Symposium (Dissemination/Impact Event of Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching SEED Project), Gold Coast, QLD.

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Issues, Context & Project Aims

Online student evaluation systems are an opportunity for student engagement and learning improvement. However, they are currently limited by low response rates. Educators tend not to trust them and students describe the activity of filling in multiple surveys as futile. Student feedback processes have largely become academic performance review instruments rather than evaluation and change catalysts. However, there are universities successfully using student evaluation to measure student course engagement and learning development, and then involving students in improving the overall student experience. This completed OLT Seed project was designed to fully develop six such innovations into case studies. The project pursued the questions: How can we measure student engagement and learning success using student evaluation processes? And how can students contribute to on-going improvement in university learning and teaching? The team drew-out a cohesive set of key issues, strategies and recommendations, and disseminated these through a symposium and a website. The aims of this project were to describe and disseminate Australian case studies of effective systems, approaches and strategies used to measure and improve student course engagement and learning success through the use of online student evaluation systems. The six institution project partners have developed innovations. This project aimed and accomplished dissemination of these and additional strategies to the sector.



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