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Tulloch, M., Judd, M-M., Naidu, V., Kinash, S., Fleming, J., Nair, S., Santhanam, E., & Tucker, B. (2015). Case studies to enhance online student evaluation: Charles Sturt University – Evaluation, analytics and systems integration, 1-8. Sydney, Australia: Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.

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Extract: Feedback from students is an essential element in improving the quality of courses (programs) and their component subjects (units). Educators may use a range of informal conversational or ad hoc survey methods (e.g. Harvard one-minute papers) to gain just-intime feedback from students. These ad hoc surveys enable educators to respond to issues during the subject. Formal end-of-session evaluations, however, are now firmly embedded in university practice. They not only provide student feedback on the complete subject, but also provide accountability at the subject, school, faculty and whole-of-institution level with a capability to monitor trends over time.

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