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Santhanam, E., Judd, M-M., Tucker, B., Naidu, V., Kinash, S., Fleming, J., Nair, S., Tulloch, M., & Montesano, M. (2015). Case studies to enhance online student evaluation: Australian Catholic University – Engaging students in feedback through executive leadership, 1-8. Sydney, Australia: Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.

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Extract: Surveys conducted both routinely and ad hoc are increasingly implemented in higher education in many parts of the world as a means to collect student feedback (Harvey, 2003). Along with this upward trajectory in survey numbers and types is the often lamented decline in survey response rates (Palermo, 2004; Porter, Whitcomb, & Weitzer, 2004). A concern expressed by many stakeholder groups is that the data collected through surveys may be unreliable in the circumstances where there are not a statistically relevant number of survey responses. Consequently, practitioners in the broad field of quality assurance seek to develop and enhance student engagement in the survey processes (Palermo, 2004; Symons, 2006). This paper discusses some of the strategies that have been employed in an Australian university, and highlights the importance of executive leadership in promoting student engagement.

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