Enhancing the effectiveness of nutritional care to improve the overall health of older adults will be key in reducing hospital and aged care facility demand, a priority target of current health service research and policy. Engaging informal caregivers as part of the nutrition care team presents an opportunity for improving the nutrition status of older Australians in rehabilitation and the community. This thesis provides evidence to improve malnutrition screening, assessment, diagnosis and resource allocation in rehabilitation facilities. It also makes recommendations to improve nutrition intervention in practice, and for how intervention studies should be designed in this setting. The thesis concludes with a call to action: for dietitians to advocate for malnutrition to be of higher consideration on the rehabilitation agenda, so that patient outcomes may be improved in the long term.

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Geriatrics | Medical Nutrition


Older people Nutrition Australia; Malnutrition Australia; Aging Nutritional aspects; Caregivers Australia; Frail elderly Home care.

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