Ischaemic heart disease (IHD) is the most prevalent of the cardiovascular diseases and the largest single leading cause of death in Australia and other Western nations. Currently, there are no effective treatments that salvage the ischaemic myocardium as well as limiting the deleterious effects of reperfusion. This thesis sought to characterise age-dependant expression of caveolins, cavins and Popdcs in the ageing normoxic and post-ischaemic Langendorff model using transcriptional and immunoblotting analysis. This thesis also shows significant age-related reductions in I-R tolerance in both male and female hearts, evident by 32-weeks of age (prior to ‘middle-age’), with middle aged hearts exhibiting marked exaggeration of oncosis and contractile dysfunction. Age-dependent impairment of stress-tolerance was associated with significant baseline reductions in cardiac transcript for all three caveolins in male but not female tissue, which was conserved for Cav3 in post-ischaemic tissue.

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Cardiovascular Diseases; Mice Diseases Pathophysiology.

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