This thesis provides insight into the eccentric knee flexor strength performance characteristics associated with cricket at multiple skill levels and has provided additional training recommendations to a sport that has limited literature encompassing all playing positions. Elite level athlete’s absolute eccentric knee flexor strength was found to be similar to sub-elite and school level cricket players, even though it should be greater considering the elite players’ greater body mass, absolute running workloads and higher number of HSIs. Real-time visual feedback during the NHE may be a valuable tool for increasing the acute force outputs which may accelerate strength gains and reductions of between limb strength asymmetries over the course of a typical training cycle. Future research might determine what eccentric knee flexor strength threshold best predicts HSIs in cricket. Once this is known, strength and conditioning staff may focus on their weaker players reaching this threshold, and once that is achieved, direct more focus to reducing between limb strength asymmetries.

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