The adult zebrafish was used as a model for investigating neurite regeneration and to determine how different substrates and promoting factors contribute to the neurite outgrowth in all four studies. The aim of this study was to investigate neurite growth after CNS injury in adult zebrafish. This study was divided into four sections. 1) Isolating and culturing adult zebrafish neurons in tissue culture system. 2) Using neurotrophic factors to determine the effect on neurite growth. 3) Using different substrates coating on coverslips to grow the neurons. 4) The co-culturing of adult zebrafish neurites on rat tissue sections.

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Biology, Animal Physiology (0433)

Biology, Neuroscience (0317)


Central nervous system Regeneration; Axons physiology; Zebrafish; Central Nervous System physiology; Nerve Regeneration physiology.

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