Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the School of Sustainable Development


Documents from 2010

Green adaptive reuse: Issues and strategies for the built environment, Craig Langston


Strategic assessment of building adaptive reuse opportunities ARC Linkage Project LP0776579 Final report 2010, Craig Langston, Chunlu Liu, David Beynon, Ursula de Jong, Yu Lay Langston, Dean Merlino, Tom Haynes, Kirsty Bennett, and Peter Williams

Making better decisions about built assets, Craig Langston and Jim Smith

A model for sustainable innovation, Peter E.D. Love, Michael Niedzwiecki, Peter A. Bullen, and Jim Smith

Error beget error: Learning to reduce design errors, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Yang Goh

Comparative procurement methodology analysis in Australia: A new approach, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan

Procurement method selection in practice: A journey to discover the optimal, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan

Climate change, carbon prices and insurance systems, Liam Phelan, Ann Henderson-Sellers, and Ros Taplin

Political economy of social-ecological systems in crisis: Sharpening theory tools for praxis, Liam Phelan, Ros Taplin, and Ann Henderson-Sellers

Integrating regional and infrastructure planning: Lessons from South East Queensland, Australia, Michael Regan and Bhishna Bajracharya

To what extent can public private partnerships in infrastructure development contribute to economic and social development in industrializing economies?, Azeem Shah


Adaptive reuse potential: An examination of differences between urban and non-urban projects, Li-yin Shen and Craig Langston

Affordable housing solutions: Affordable housing providers' perspective, Connie Susilawati and Lynne Armitage

Contractors' competition strategies in bidding: Hong Kong study, Yongtao Tan, Liyin Shen, and Craig Langston

Construction project selection using fuzzy TOPSIS approach, Young-tao Tan, Li-yin Shen, Craig Langston, and Yan Liu

The Asia-Pacific partnership: Implementation challenges and interplay with Kyoto, Ros Taplin and Jeffrey McGee

Strategic infrastructure asset management: A conceptual framework to identify capabilities, Eric Too and Linda Too

Public transport service quality and sustainable development: A community stakeholder perspective, Linda Too and George Earl

Globalisation and corporate real estate strategies, Linda Too, Michael G. Harvey, and Eric Too

Assessing climate change adaptation options for local government, Stefan Trück, Wylie Bradford, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Supriya Mathew, Jennifer Scott, Margery Street, and Ros Taplin

Documents from 2009


Thinking about the value of property from a sustainable perspective, Lynne Armitage


Building a sustainable university campus: A case study of Bond University, Bhishna Bajracharya and Linda Too


Developing knowledge precincts in regional towns: Opportunities and challenges, Bhishna Bajracharya, Linda Too, Joan Imukuka, and Greg Hearn


The use of assessment hurdles: Pedagogy v. practicality, Rick Best and Ron Best


An analysis of walkability in a late 20th century masterplanned suburb on Australia’s Gold Coast, Nigel Cartlidge and Daniel O'Hare

Complexity and the paradox of project control., Svetlana Cicmil, Terry Cooke-Davies, Lynn Crawford, and Kurt Richardson

Exploring the complexity of projects: Implications of complexity theory for project management practice, Svetlana J. K. Cicmil, Terry J. Cooke-Davies, Lynn H. Crawford, and Kurt A. Richardson

Project management systems: Moving project management from an operational to a strategic discipline, Terry J. Cooke-Davies, Lynn H. Crawford, and Thomas G. Lechler

Government and governance: The value of project management in the public sector, Lynn H. Crawford and Jane Helm

Australia and Russia: How do their environmental policy processes differ?, Anna Firsova and Roslyn Taplin

The Second Life of urban planning? Using NeoGeography tools for community engagement, Marcus Foth, Bhishna Bajracharya, Ross Brown, and Greg Hearn

Empowerment of individuals and realization of community agency: Applying action research to climate change responses in Australia, Nina Hall, Ros Taplin, and Wendy Goldstein

The planet of the thinking animal: Surviving the 21st century, Tor Hundloe

Occupier perceptions of green workplace environment: The Australian experience, Hikari Kato, Linda Too, and Ann Rask


Parking and access issues in transit oriented developments, Shahed Khan and Bhishna Bajracharya

Convergence of construction costs in the single European market, Craig Langston and Rick Best

Event-based facilities management, Craig Langston and Linda Too

The inherent building energy-cost relationship: An analysis of thirty Melbourne case studies, Yu Lay Langston and Craig Langston


IT portfolio management in Higher Education, Lawrence Lim and Aileen Koh

The Asia-Pacific partnership on clean development and climate: A retreat from the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities?, Jeffrey McGee and Ros Taplin

The value of design: Stakeholder perceptions of design controls in master planned communities, Henry Nguo and Lynne Armitage

The management of built heritage: A comparative review of policies and practice in Western Europe, North America and Australia, Tracy Pickerill and Lynne Armitage


Infrastructure for economic growth and development: Addressing the infrastructure finance gap, Michael Regan


Public private partnerships: What does the future hold?, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Australia's first 6-star green education building: Construction and services technologies, Jim Smith and George Earl


Australia's first 6-star green education building: Design and performance, Jim Smith and George Earl

Green buildings: An asset manager's dream or nightmare?, Linda Too

The relationship between event and facilities management: A case study of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Linda Too and Craig Langston

Trends in renewable energy strategy development and the role of CDM in Bangladesh, Sk Noim Uddin and Ros Taplin

Sustainable energy future for Vietnam: Evolution and implementation of effective strategies, Sk Noim Uddin, Ros Taplin, and Xiaojiang Yu

Documents from 2008


Senior management perceptions of effective project manager behavior: An exploration of a core set of behaviors for superior project managers, Alicia Aitken and Lynn Crawford

Sustaining property value: Theory and practice in Australia, Lynne Armitage

Heritage protection in the built environment in Hong Kong and Australia, Lynne Armitage and Y Yau

Emerging role of ICT in the development of knowledge-based master planned communities, Bhishna Bajracharya and Janelle Allison

Partnerships for community building and governance in master planned communities: A study of Varsity Lakes at Gold Coast, Bhishna Bajracharya, George Earl, and Shahed Khan


The Robina residential archipelago: Its current and future sustainability, Nigel Cartlidge

Governance and support in the sponsoring of projects and programs, Lynn Crawford, Terry Cooke-Davies, Brian Hobbs, Les Labuschagne, Kaye Remington, and Ping Chen

Situational sponsorship of projects and programs: An empirical review, Lynn Crawford, Terry Cooke-Davies, Brian Hobbs, Les Labuschagne, Kaye Remington, and Ping Chen

Governance and support in the sponsorship of projects and programs, Lynn H. Crawford, Terry J. Cooke-Davies, Brian Hobbs, Les Labuschagne, Kaye Remington, and Ping Chen

Developing a basis for global reciprocity: Negotiating between the many standards for project management, Lynn Crawford and Julien Pollack

Project manager or change manager? Who should be managing organizational change?, Anat Hassner-Nahmias and Lynn H. Crawford


The sustainability implications of building adaptive reuse, Craig Langston

Comparisons of building energy and cost equivalence: An analysis of thirty Melbourne case studies, Yu Lay Langston and Craig Langston


Building better suburbs: Design controls in master planned communities:- An Australian perspective, Henry Nguo and Lynne Armitage


Missing the Gold Coast train? The interaction between private development and three levels of government planning in attempting to co-locate a new railway station and a major new town centre, Daniel O'Hare

Life cycle costing: Practice v theory, Tomek Paszkiewicz and Craig Langston

Critical foundations: Providing Australia’s 21st century infrastructure, Michael Regan


Better strategic procurement for maintaining schools: An Australian context, Jim Smith and Brian Wood

Key decision-making attributes for project inception, Jim Smith, Ray Wyatt, and Peter E.D. Love

Exploring intersectoral linkages between real estate and construction, Yu Song, Chunlu Liu, and Craig Langston

Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM): Evolution and evaluation, Eric Too and Linda Tay

Documents from 2007


A study of project categorisation based on project management complexity, Alicia Aitken and Lynn Crawford


Issues in property management: Caravan parks- Housing on the fringe- The Frankston view, Lynne Armitage and Victoria Brown

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto: Mapping the strange landscape of complexity theory, and its relationship to project management, Terry J. Cooke-Davies, Svetlana J. K. Cicmil, Lynn H. Crawford, and Kurt Richardson

Not another Waikiki? Mobolizing topophilia and topophobia in coastal resort areas, Daniel O'Hare

Integrating subtropical design in transit oriented developments of South East Queensland, Australia, Daniel O'Hare and Bhishna Bajracharya


Creating a sustainable Sunshine Coast: the potential contribution of an expanded Sippy Downs, Daniel O'Hare and Michael Hefferan


Infrastructure, economic growth and development, Michael Regan


PPPs, infrastructure and the economy, Michael Regan


State-wide schools' maintenance audit in Victoria, Australia: The framework and process, Jim Smith and Peter Stewart