Australia's first 6-star green education building: Construction and services technologies

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Smith, J., & Earl, G. (2009). Australia's first 6-star green education building: Construction and services technologies. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the fifth international conference on construction in the 21st century (CITV-V): Collaboration and integration in engineering, management and technology, Istanbul, Turkey.

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 1203

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Green Star is a voluntary environmental rating scheme that evaluates the environmental design and achievements of buildings. It was developed by and is administered by the "Green Building Council of Australia" (GBCA). Green Star covers a number of categories that assess the environmental impact that is a direct consequence of a projects site selection, design, construction and maintenance. The nine categories included within all Green Star rating tools are management, indoor environment quality, energy, transport, water, materials, land use/ecology, emissions and innovation.

The new School of Sustainable Development completed in mid-2008 is the country's first 6-star rated green education and is a 'pilot' project for all similar education buildings in the future. This paper presents a summary of the important construction and building services systems in the building that contribute to its premier green rating. A distinct feature of the building is the monitoring of the various systems in the building continuously and some of the results of this monitoring will be presented and analysed.

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