Understanding sustainable biofuel development: a sub-Saharan Africa perspective

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Duvenage, I., Stringer, L.C., Langston, C. & Dunstan, K. (2013). Understanding sustainable biofuel development: a sub-Saharan Africa perspective, African Journal of Economic and Sustainable Development, 2(1), 72-98

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Considerable effort has been put into developing sustainability assessment frameworks for biofuel production in developing countries. Nevertheless, their successful implementation remains problematic in sub-Saharan Africa. To address this challenge in this paper, through a thorough examination of academic and grey literature, repeatedly occurring sustainability aspects/issues were drawn from internationally recognised biofuel assessment frameworks. Theoretical framings that corresponded with the interlinking socio-environmental-economic qualities and issues for achieving sustainability through ethical implementation conformity (political ecology, development economics, social capital and institutional economics) were then used to inform development of a conceptual framework that could guide biofuel project implementation in sub-Saharan Africa to address complex sustainability issues.



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