Building a sustainable university campus: A case study of Bond University

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Bajracharya, B., & Too, L. (2009). Building a sustainable campus: A case study of Bond University. Paper presented at the State of Australian cities national conference: City growth, sustainability, vitality and vulnerability, Perth, WA, Australia.

2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 1205

© Copyright SOAC, 2009

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Given the increasing evidence of an ailing earth, many would today agree and accept that there is a need to move towards a more sustainable form of development. While change has been inclined towards a top-down approach, it is equally important to work bottom-up, i.e., through communities, whose support underpins sustainability policies. The focus of this paper is on sustainability within universities. Through a review of current sustainability practices of universities in the US, UK and Australia, this paper has identified ten principles for developing a sustainable campus. These principles are then used as a framework for analysing the sustainable initiatives being implemented at Bond University. Additionally, the paper outlines opportunities for encouraging enviro-centric behaviours within the campus community.



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