Exploring intersectoral linkages between real estate and construction

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Song, Y., Liu, C. & Langston, C. (2008). Exploring intersectoral linkages between real estate and construction. The International Journal of Construction Management, 8(1), 73-85.

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Even though linkages have attracted a lot of research interest, few researchers focus on the intersectoral linkages between two specific sectors. This research therefore proposes an indirect intersectoral linkage measure model to explore linkages between the real estate and construction sectors using the Hypothetical Extraction Method (HEM). Using the OECD input-output tables, the direct, total intersectoral linkages and the proposed indirect intersectoral linkages are explored and tested respectively for seven OECD countries over twenty years. The findings describe that the intersectoral linkages from construction to real estate are larger than those from real estate to construction. The statistical testing results imply that the proposed indirect intersectoral linkage measure method seems to be appropriate to analyse the intersectoral linkage between the construction and real estate sectors.

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