World peace, Linux and project management standards

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Crawford, L. (2012). World peace, Linux and project management standards. Paper presented at the 9th Annual Project Management Australia Conference (PMoZ 2012). 15-16 August, 2012. Melbourne: Australia.

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2012 HERDC submission. FoR code: 120201

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For over a decade a group of dedicated volunteers has been working through the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS) to provide a bridge between the different standards for project management produced by both professional and commercial organizations. The GAPPS aims to provide an independent benchmark and a basis for transportability, transferability and mutual recognition of project management standards and qualifications. GAPPS is supported by government standards bodies and agencies, professional associations, corporations and academic institutions. So what is the link with world peace and Linux? Well, achieving mutual recognition of project management qualifications often seems like a desirable but impossible dream – rather like world peace; and everything GAPPS produces is made available in the public domain, available for free download – making GAPPS the Linux of project management standards. This presentation will explain the history of the GAPPS, and the range of resources they provide to assist individuals and organizations in assessing the complexity of their projects; assessing, recognizing and developing competence to manage projects; and making choices between standards and qualifications available.

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