Projects success: Looking beyond the project management toolkit.

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Crawford, L. (2012). Project Success: Looking beyond the project management toolkit. Paper presented at the 9th Annual Project Management Australia Conference (PMoZ 2012). 15-16 August, 2012. Melbourne: Australia.

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2012 HERDC submission. FoR code: 120201

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Identification of factors that contribute to the success of projects has been a continuing interest of practitioners and a recurring theme in project management research and literature. The aim of this research is to extend the search for factors critical to success of projects, beyond the traditional project management toolkit to consider change implementation practices. Results from 160 respondents from both engineering and finance sector organizations indicate that project management, change implementation and benefits realization practices are positively correlated with perceived likelihood of project success. However, a key finding of this research is that the practices found to be most critical to project success are communicating change, ensuring business integration, engaging stakeholders and making informed decisions.

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