Pre-departure and post arrival cross-cultural training for Australian project managers working in the UAE

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Cerimagic, S. (2012).Pre-departure and post arrival cross-cultural training for Australian project managers working in the UAE. Paper presented at the Construction, Building and Real Estate Conference 2012 (COBRA 2012). 10-13 September, 2012. Las Vegas, Nevada: USA.

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Cross-cultural training at different times of the expatriate’s overseas assignment is not only useful but it is critical to the expatriate’s success overseas. If western cooperation’s such as Australian international companies are to provide expatriates with cross-cultural training companies could reduce or even prevent expatriate failure. This research was based on six case studies, which were all Australian international companies that also operate in the Middle East. The method used was semi-structured interviews. If expatriates are to be successful in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) they need to be prepared with appropriate, adequate and up-to date cross-cultural training. For the cross-cultural training to be most effective it needs to be provided at the three most critical stages; pre-departure, on-site and have a repetition stage once the expatriates have been in the new host country for a few months. The reason for having three distinct stages of cross-cultural training is because expatriates will have to deal with different issues at different times of their overseas assignment, this way the training will be most relevant and effective for the expatriates. This research points out that the most beneficial cross-cultural training is training that is offered at different stages/times of the expatriate’s overseas assignment.

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