Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM): Evolution and evaluation

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Too, E., & Tay, L. (2008). Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM): Evolution and evaluation. Paper presented at the CIB international conference on Building Education and Research (BEAR 2008): Building resilience, Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka.

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2008 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 1503

© Copyright School of the Built Environment, University of Salford, UK, 2008


Despite its rapid development in the last decade, infrastructure asset management today suffers from an identity crisis as the definition and scope of infrastructure asset management remains a contentious issue. The purpose of this paper is to trace the evolution of infrastructure asset management and evaluate the current practices. In the process, a framework defining the scope of infrastructure asset management is proposed. Notwithstanding the systematic approach that many organisations adopt to manage their infrastructure assets, this paper argues for the need to adopt a more integrated and strategic perspective in the light of the dynamic contemporary operating environment.

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