Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the School of Sustainable Development


Documents from 2014


The productivity puzzle: Is it just about the data?, Rick Best

Documents from 2013

The values of built heritage, Lynne Armitage and Janine Irons


The human green office experience: Happy and healthy or sick and frustrated?, Lynne Armitage and Ann Murugan

An emergence study of Petalura gigantea (Odonata: Petaluridae), Ian Baird and Shelley Burgin


Sense in the city: Making the Gold Coast an intelligent and sustainable city, Bhishna Bajracharya, David Cattell, Daryl McPhee, Linda Too, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

A framework for creating active and healthy communities: A case study of the Gold Coast, Bhishna Bajracharya, Linda Too, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

Comparing project costs internationally: Methodology and data issues, Rick Best

Enabling environments? Insights into the policy context for climate change and health adaptation decision-making in Cambodia, Kathryn Bowen, Fiona Miller, Dany Va, Anthony J. McMichael, and Sharon Friel

Pathways to an oil-constrained future: Analogies with climate change mitigation and adaptation, Roger Brewster

Community capacity for better water catchment management outcomes using popular education approaches, Shelley Burgin and Tony Webb

Stakeholder engagement in water policy: Lessons from peri-urban irrigation, Shelley Burgin, Tony Webb, and Debbie Rae


The highs and lows of unbalanced bidding models, David Cattell


Using Bayesian Networks to assess the risk appetite of construction contractors, David Cattell and P.E.D. Love

Cultural distance and its effects on cross-cultural training, Sabrina Cerimagic and Jim Smith

Doing business: Taking account of the Arab culture, Sabrina Cerimagic and Jim Smith


Competition, comparison, collaboration - Mapping a pathway through project management standards, Lynn Crawford

From outpost to outback: project career paths in Australia, Lynn Crawford, Erica French, and Beverley Lloyd-Walker

Participatory project management for improved disaster resilience, Lynn Crawford, Craig Langston, and Bhishna Bajracharya


Understanding sustainable biofuel development: a sub-Saharan Africa perspective, Ian Duvenage, Lindsay C. Stringer, Craig Langston, and Keitha Dunstan

The Rio +20 outcomes, their impact on employment, the workplace and the role of employers' organizations and trade unions, Peter J. Glynn

The essential role of employment and the workplace in climate change policy and effective disaster risk management planning, Peter J. Glynn and Ros Taplin

Mountain biking: Downhill for the environment or chance to up a gear?, Nigel Hardiman and Shelley Burgin

World heritage area listing of the Greater Blue Mountains - Did it make a difference to visitation?, Nigel Hardiman and Shelley Burgin


The hand and the machine: A hybrid approach to complex construction in a work of Sir Peter Cook, Chris Knapp

Managing of portfolios: The Australian studies, Aileen Koh and Lynn Crawford

The application of data envelopment analysis to the benchmarking of construction performance in Australian and American high-rise buildings, Craig Langston

The impact of criterion weights in facilities management decision making: An Australian case study, Craig Langston

The role of coordinate-based decision-making in the evaluation of sustainable built environments, Craig Langston

Grappling with biofuels in Zimbabwe: Depriving or sustaining societal and environmental integrity?, Craig Langston, Ian Duvenage, Lindsay C. Stringer, and Keitha Dunstan

The application of ARP modelling to adaptive reuse projects in Hong Kong, Craig Langston, Esther Hui-Kwan Yung, and Edwin Hon-Wan Chan

Performance measurement framework in PPP projects, Junxiao Lui, Peter Love, Peter R. Davis, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan

Public project procurement and the case for public-private partnerships, Michael Regan

Public-private partnerships: capital market conditions and alterntive finance mechanisms for Australian infrastruture projects, Michael Regan, Peter Love, and Jim Smith

Australian bid cost benchmarking of public private partnerships, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Financing mechanisms for public private partnerships: Australian experience, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Relationship between state institutions and private participation in infrastructure in developing economies: A case study approach, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love


Reflections on over 100 years of urban housing policies in Sri Lanka, Thushara Samaratunga and Daniel O'Hare

'Sahaspura': The first high-rise housing project for low-income people in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Thushara Samaratunga and Daniel O'Hare

Experience mining for decision making on implementing sustainable urbanization - An innovative approach, Li-Yen Shen, Jorge Ochoa, Xiaoling Zhang, and Peng Yi

The feasibility of concentrated rural settlement in a context of post-disaster reconstruction: A study of China, Li-Yin Shen, Jorge Ochoa, Xiaoling Zhang, and Peng Yi

Factors influencing final account settlement in construction projects, Chun-Pong Sing, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Chi-Ming Tam


The ethics of item pricing, A. Stramarcos and David Cattell

Design for green property development in developing cities, Vivian Tam, Li-Yin Shen, and Jorge Ochoa


Developing a sustainable campus through community engagement: An empirical study, Linda Too, Bhishna Bajracharya, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

Impacts of the Moreton Bay Marine Park rezoning on commercial fishermen, Casper van de Greer, Morena Mills, Vanessa M. Adams, Robert L. Pressey, and Daryl McPhee

Documents from 2012

'Tough love and tears': Learning doctoral writing in the sciences, Claire Aitchison, Janice Catterall, Pauline Ross, and Shelley Burgin

A new framework for post occupancy evaluation of office buildings, Abdullah Al-khawaja, Craig Langston, and Brian Purdey


Public-private partnership in disaster management: A case study of the Gold Coast, Bhishna Bajracharya, Peter Hastings, Iraphne Childs, and Peter McNamee


Planning and design of master-planned communities for healthy living, Bhishna Bajracharya and Linda Too


International comparisons of cost and productivity in construction: A bad example, Rick Best


Assessing occupant comfort in an iconic sustainable education building, Rick Best and Brian Purdey

Epibionts of the Australian Eastern Long-necked Turtle (Chelodina longicollis Shaw) from farm dams, Shelley Burgin and Judith Betts

Extreme sports in natural areas: Looming disaster or a catalyst for a paradigm shift in land use planning?, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman

Is the evolving sport of mountain biking compatible with fauna conservation in national parks?, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman

Science under siege: Necessity driving the teaching-research nexus, Shelley Burgin and Adrian Renshaw

Study of climate change and field research in zoology: Are they compatible with research student training programs?, Shelley Burgin and Pauline Ross

A new approach to construction item pricing, David Cattell


An overview of component unit pricing theory, David Cattell

Construction item pricing: For more profit and less risk, David Cattell

The value-at-risk (VAR) with construction item pricing, David Cattell

Pre-departure and post arrival cross-cultural training for Australian project managers working in the UAE, Sabina Cerimagic

Defining eco-social capacity building and its evaluation: A case study in environmental community engagement in Western Sydney, Tom Colley, Shelley Burgin, Tony Webb, and Helen Bassett


AdaptSTAR model: A climate-friendly strategy to promote built environment sustainability, Sheila Conejos, Craig Langston, and Jim Smith


Designing for future buildings: Adaptive resuse as a strategy for carbon neutral cities, Sheila Conejos, Craig Langston, and Jim Smith

Modelling built asset preformance in 3D space, David Copray, Craig Langston, and Jim Smith

Conclusions, Christine Crawford and Tor Hundloe

Projects success: Looking beyond the project management toolkit., Lynn Crawford

World peace, Linux and project management standards, Lynn Crawford

Best Industry Outcomes, Lynn Crawford and Terry Cooke-Davies


Building capability for disaster resilience, Lynn Crawford, Craig Langston, and Bhishna Bajracharya

Bioenergy project appraisal in sub-Saharan Africa: Sustainability barriers and opportunities in Zambia, Ian Duvenage, Roslyn Taplin, and Lindsay Stringer

Towards implementation and achievement of sustainable biofuel development in Africa, Ian Duvenage, Roslyn Taplin, and Lindsay C. Stringer

Quantitative methods for risk management in the real estate development industry: Risk measures, risk aggregation and performance measures, Werner GleiBner and Thomas Wiegelmann

An introduction to the Little Swanport catchment, Tor Hundloe

Communities and values, Tor Hundloe

Economic values of nature, Tor Hundloe

Introduction, Tor Hundloe

Introduction to sustainability, Tor Hundloe

Practical measurements: Water as an ecosystem good, Tor Hundloe

The principles of sustainability and economics, Tor Hundloe

The value of water, Tor Hundloe

The catchment regional economy, Tor Hundloe and Peter Daniels

The people and use of natural resources, Tor Hundloe, Peter Daniels, Amy White, and Christine Crawford

A short history of the catchment settlement, Tor Hundloe and Michelle Wenner

The world's great river basins, Tor Hundloe and Amy White

Promoting: Programs for and challenges of the knowledge-based small business, Joan K. Imukuka, Bhishna Bajracharya, Linda Too, and Greg Hearn


Portfolio management: The Australian experience, Aileen Koh


Walk the talk with portfolio management, Aileen Koh

Portfolio management: The Australian experience, Aileen Koh and Lynn Crawford


Comparing international construction performance, Craig Langston


Validation of the adaptive reuse potential (ARP) model using iconCUR, Craig Langston


Modelling property management decisions using 'iconCUR', Craig Langston and Jim Smith

Affordable and sustainable housing: An empirical study of options for redevelopment in central Australia, Yvonne Maher and Lynne Armitage

Future Management and Governance of the Queensland East Coast Inshore Finfish Fishery, Daryl McPhee


Likely effectiveness of netting or other capture programs as a shark hazard mitigation strategy under Western Australian conditions, Daryl McPhee

Marine park planning and fisheries management in Australia: Understanding the conflict and designing a better future, Daryl McPhee


Transforming the tourist city into a knowledge and healthy city: Reinventing Australia's Gold Coast, Daniel O'Hare, Bhishna Bajracharya, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

A preliminary study of cognitive failures in open plan offices, Brian Purdey and David Leifer


Dramatic pre-emption in Singapore's National Theatre: Constructing national identity before an independent nation, Raymond Quek

Nationalism and architecture: An introduction, Raymond Quek