Manuscripts must be original, unpublished work. The Sports Law eJournal does not consider manuscripts that are currently being considered by other journals. Authors should clearly state that their manuscript is not under consideration elsewhere when submitting.

All manuscripts must be preceded by a short abstract of no more than 200 words.

On submission, manuscripts are subject to an initial review by the General Editor, the Editorial Committee, or another delegated person, at which stage a preliminary decision is made as to whether the article might be suitable for publication in the Sports Law eJournal. The Editorial Committee may at this stage reject any article that, in its opinion, has little relevance to the Sports Law eJournal readership, or for any other reason.

All manuscripts that pass the first stage of review are double-blind refereed by at least two specialists in the field.

Writers retain copyright in their contributions, but they grant the eJournal a licence to publish their work in electronic and in hard copy format, at the discretion of the eJournal. The eJournal adopts the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Contributors should submit notes and articles in that format. The editorial committee urges contributors to adopt a lucid writing style. The eJournal encourages concise and clear writing so contributions that exceed 3,000 words in length (including footnotes) will usually not be accepted.