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The last decade has brought with it unprecedented change –not all of it good. The recent economic downturn has damaged organizations, communities, industries, nations, and individuals. Given the sometimes harsh reality facing many in today’s volatile economy, we have looked at the impact that being made redundant has on individuals. Does it irrevocably damage their self-esteem? What does it mean for their future careers? And can being laid off actually improve individuals’ overall health and well-being?

This last point may sound counter-intuitive, but do not underestimate the power of change. It is easy to think of losing a job as overwhelmingly negative, but our research indicates that the disruptive effect –the "jolt" -of job loss can also be a catalyst for positive change. This type of jolt has the potential to shake people out of inertia, forcing them to discard the old and focus attention on the new.

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lay off, redundancy, unemployment, mental health, well being


Clinical Psychology | Counseling Psychology | Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Toward Authenticity or Defeat: The Jolting Effect of Layoff