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Introduction: The quest for increased efficiency in public service delivery, the budget difficulties of many governments, and the growing receptivity of public opinion to the discourses for rehabilitating market regulations have lead to a growing number of forms of association between the public and private sectors. These types of association are referred to as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and have become an integral part of Federal and State Government procurement strategy in Australia. While the PPP market in Australia is considered to be sophisticated and mature, several major failures have emerged with infrastructure projects such as the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Sydney Airport Rail and Sydney’s Cross City Tunnel. Moreover, many of the PPPs that have been procured have not been subject to any comprehensive form of ex-post evaluation in terms of what has been delivered. Emerging problems for projects in Queensland’s CLEM 7 Tunnel and Victoria’s Desalination Plant make rigorous life cycle evaluation by decision-makers more important and urgent.

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PPP Infrastructure Project Delivery: A life cycle evaluation model. ARC Linkage Project: LP120100347

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