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Lean construction


Jonathan Howell

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Traditional project delivery and procurement methodology has evolved into an inherently inefficient and adversarial process. Lean construction provides an approach to modern construction that significantly improves collaboration, innovation, delivery, control and quality within projects. Lean construction is based on fundamentals such as maximum value generation, flows of activities, pull demand systems and perfection in execution at every level of the project. For this reason identification of the real value of lean construction within the construction industry is required.

An analysis of traditional methods has revealed significant deficiencies in current delivery methods and efficiency standards. This has subsequently illuminated the key benefits of lean construction techniques such as “Just-In-Time’ scheduling, the ‘Lean Project Delivery System’ and the ‘Last Planner System’. These techniques will provide the most beneficial parameters for progression and innovation within the construction industry. Although barriers to integration exist, lean construction holds direct value in the creation of collaboration, efficiency, quality and delivery of modern projects and provides significant scope for innovation and maximum value generation within present and future construction projects.

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