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Winter 8-1-2012


Present design control and cost management of road construction projects is at an unsatisfying level, which has led to cost overruns, budget failures and expensive design solutions. The design process does not utilise the design control tools such as construction landmass planning, which is crucial for the emergence of road project costs.

The purpose of this article is present a framework which utilises new design control tools for road construction projects. New tools consider a landmass allocation scheme and a project partition-based cost estimation method. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the functionalities of the framework in practice. Furthermore, the paper describes the changes of project parties’ actions, which the framework sets.

The studies reported in this article indicate that the founded framework will enable an efficient design solution optimisation. Moreover, project parties will need to integrate their applications and systems if they want the full efforts of the framework. Parallel to this, the building information modelling is a workable platform for the framework and the integration of parties.

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