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Honeyman, D., & Walker, D. (2015, May). Evolving customer engagement: Using mobile technology and gamification to improve awareness of and access to library services. Paper presented at THETA, Gold Coast.

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In this paper we present an approach to the use of game based techniques in library orientation and customer engagement at Bond University using freely available mobile and online applications. Turning library orientation into a game is not a new strategy, indeed the library treasure hunt is a tried and tested alternative to traditional guided tours of the library. In addition, virtual library tours and orientation videos have been widely adopted in academic libraries. More recently libraries have begun following the lead of North Carolina State University in exploiting the potential of free mobile apps to deliver library orientation. Since 2012 librarians at Bond University have been exploring the use of both mobile and gamified approaches to customer engagement programs, which have most recently been delivered using a combination of Google Forms and Google Docs. We evaluate the success of these activities, their sustainability in terms of staff resources and consider future developments of our approach. The paper focuses on our experience of using these freely available technologies rather than the basics of gamification, but suggested resources on the latter are provided for those interested in employing gamification in the library context.



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