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Potter, C., & Leviston, T. (2013). Surfing the waves of organisational change through calm waters and riptides. Paper presented at ALIA National Library & Information Technicians Symposium 2013, Canberra.

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Within the last eight years, Bond University Library has experienced many changes which reflect those occurring in the wider library community, including a Library and IT amalgamation (which resulted in a new integrated service delivery model), new and refurbished physical spaces, staffing reductions and budgetary issues. During these events our priority was always to maintain quality customer service.

The focus for this paper is how the information professional’s role at Bond University has evolved as a result of these changes, together with a discussion on how we developed new service models whilst maintaining the student experience.

In particular, the paper will examine the challenges and our responses, using case study examples, in the following areas:

  • the issues associated with managing a 24x7 study space outside the physical library building (Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre)
  • maintaining a positive student experience within a changing environment

We will report on how these challenges were met in the face of staffing and budget reductions and describe the new methods of operation that were developed and incorporated into the library’s routine. Our discussion will draw on evidence from customer surveys and service statistics analysis.

The library environment is in a state of flux, but as library technicians we show how a positive approach and forward thinking have helped us to meet the Library’s clear vision of “delivering reliable and responsive services through innovative technology and information resources to enhance the Bond experience” (Bond University Library, 2013).



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