The acceleration of SOA adoption in Singapore: challenges and issues

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Lim, Lawrence & Koh, Aileen (2008) The acceleration of SOA adoption in Singapore: challenges and issues, 19th Australasian Conference on Information Systems 3-5 Dec 2008, Christchurch.

Proceedings are available from the AIS Electronic Library (AISeL).

Copyright © Lawrence Lim & Aileen Koh, 2008.


This paper addresses real challenges and ensuing issues facing the Singapore government in their endeavour to enhance global economic competitiveness through the adoption of innovative technologies development and usage; in this case, the acceleration of SOA. Key stakeholders have spearheaded a strategic and systematic project (called SOA1) to ensure that SOA is inculcated into the mainstream of businesses and industries. Outcomes, insights and lessons learned are presented along with a glimpse of the next phase of the SOA1 project (called Enterprise 2.0). IT Management complexities not accounted for in SOA1 and Enterprise 2.0 are examined with a call for empirical academic research in the areas of people and organisational behaviour within the context of SOA adoption and implementation.

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