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January 1994

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Journal Article

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Bott, Bruce (1994), Law library research skills instruction for undergraduates at Bond University: the development of a programme. Legal Education Review, Vol. 5, No.1, pp. 118-128.

Copyright © Bruce Bott & Legal Education Review , 1994.

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The skills perceived as being required of lawyers in practice have always constituted a part of all courses offered in the Law School at Bond University. Skills specifically identified include: advocacy, writing, negotiation/alternative dispute resolution, interviewing and library research skills. Nevertheless, while library skills instruction has always been part of the "Introduction to Law" course at Bond, it is only since term 1, 1992 that it has been offered systematically and in a structured fashion. Since that time, with the encouragement, support and advice of some members of the academic staff, Law Library staff have played a direct role in both the planning and delivery of the library skills programme.



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