Documents from 2016


Benzodiazepines, Kevin McNamara

Documents from 2014

Is it feasible for patients to estimate their own 24 hour urine volume?, Amy Cao, Robert G. Wright, and Tony Badrick


An unjustified conclusion from self-report-based estimates of energy intake, David A. Lebitsky, Andrew W. Brown, Barbara Hansen, Richard L. Atkinson, Nuala Byrne, Lawrence J. Cheskin, and David B. Allison

Falling through the cracks: New zealand prostate cancer survivors’ experiences and views regarding PSA testing, Asmita Patel, Roderick D. MacLeod, Jonathan Masters, and Justin Keogh

Documents from 2012

Addressing laboratory workforce issues in Australia, Tony Badrick and Andrew St John


Circumcision-generated emotions bias medical literature, Gregory J. Boyle and George Hill

The impact on costs and efficiency of reducing the number of collected tubes, Peter Hobson and Tony Badrick


Systematic review did not consider problem of treatment effects, Su May Liew, Jenny Doust, and Paul Glasziou

Documents from 2011


Reporting of effect direction and size in abstracts of systematic reviews, Elaine Beller, Paul P. Glasziou, Sally Hopewell, and Douglas G. Altman


Letter to the editor: Antibiotics and acute otitis media in children, Paul Glasziou, Chris Del Mar, and Maroeska Rovers

Documents from 2009

Is Wikipedia unsuitable as a clinical information resource for medical students?, Michael P. Pender, Kaye E. Lasserre, Lisa M. Kruesi, Chris B. Del Mar, and Satyamurthy Anuradha

Documents from 2006

Development of a new surgical gown: A multicenter study, Eugene Sherry, G. Deirmendjian, Patrick H. Warnke, and Antony Henderson

Documents from 2004


Circumcision in adults: effect on sexual function, Gregory J. Boyle


Male circumcision and risk of HIV-1 infection, Gregory J. Boyle

Submissions from 2003




Issues associated with the introduction of circumcision into a non-circumcising society, Gregory J. Boyle