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Teaching About Violence Against Women: An Interdisciplinary Project


My starting point for this paper is to ask the following questions. What are the consequences of taking women’s lives and the violence they experience seriously? What does this mean for our construction of law and for the manner in which we teach it? What skills do our students need in order to integrate knowledge about the violence in women’s lives and what it means for law? In reflecting on these questions my perspective is necessarily informed by my own experience as a non-lawyer teaching within a law faculty. In one sense what I want to talk about is the converse of Brettel Dawson’s1 project of teaching legal research within a social science faculty — among other things I teach social science research within a law faculty. In Part 1 of this paper I offer some comments about the project of injecting a gendered perspective into law school curricula. In Part 2 I argue that teaching about violence against women requires an inter-disciplinary approach to legal education. In Part 3 I briefly discuss some of the challenges to teaching about violence against women.