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Legal Education and Professional Development - an Educational Continuum, Report of the Task Force on Law Schools and the Profession: Narrowing the Gap, (Illinois: American Bar Association 1992)


This American Bar Association (ABA) Task Force publication is a report of the findings of an in-depth study of the “range of skills and values necessary for a lawyer to assume responsibility for handling a legal matter.”The ABA Task Force which prepared the Report was comprised of approximately 40 leading law academics, legal practitioners and members of the judiciary. The project took three years to complete and is commendable for its thoroughness and the manner in which it built upon the foundation laid by earlier studies such as Zemans and Rosenblum, The Making of a Public Profession. The purpose of this review article is twofold: first, to summarise the findings of this ABA Task Force Report which was released in November 1992; and second, to consider what implications this US study may hold for Australian Legal Education which is facing, or in the future will face, many of the same issues.

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