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Preparing a Teaching Pohtmlolio for Law Educators


AIMS The aims of this article are to assist teachers of law to begin a process of self-reflection about their teaching, identify areas of strength and begin to develop a teaching profile. WHAT IS A TEACHING PORTFOLIO AND PROFILE? There seems to be some confusion in the literature regarding what a collection of evidence about teaching should be called. In some instances it is referred to as a profile, in others a dossier or portfolio. For simplicity portfolio will be the term used for the collection of data on your teaching. A summary of this information can then be used in conjunction with a curriculum vitae and will be termed a teaching profile. INTRODUCTION — PLAN There are long standing conventions on how to present academic qualifications, research and publications, however, there are few such conventions on presenting information about excellence in teaching. Throughout the decade there have been calls for greater efficiency and effectiveness in higher education and as in many other areas, teaching performance has come under close scrutiny. No longer, it seems, is it enough to merely assert one’s ability to teach. Evidence is now required to support that assertion. Whether you are a lecturer or tutor in law you will be aware of how difficult it is to actually present evidence of your ability to teach. This article outlines a process to assist you in the preparation of evidence in supporting claims about your teaching ability. Integral to this process is the asking of questions to enable you to critically reflect about what you do when you teach. These questions are only intended as a framework for you to begin keeping evidence and documenting what you are doing or have done. So that you can become familiar with the process, you are invited now to commence a self-evaluation of your performance.

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