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[Extract] This volume of the Legal Education Review, Volume 23, is my first as Editor-in-Chief, and I am very proud of the collection of legal education articles that we have gathered together for your edification, reflection and enjoyment. The volume consists of two issues, a General Issue and a Special Issue. The Special Issue includes six engaging — and at times confronting — articles about the past, present and future of ‘critical legal education’ in Australia. The articles examine various consequences of the rising influence of corporatism, neoliberalism and the market narrative upon the teaching of law. The Special Issue commences with a separate Foreword written by our guest editors, Mary Heath and Peter Burdon, and I refer you to that Foreword for more information about the articles included in the Special Issue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary and Peter for their hard work and insightful advice in selecting and editing the six articles in the Special Issue.