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History of the Review

History of the LER

Legal Education Review, Editor-in-Chief piece by Dr. Michelle Sanson

Previous Editorial Advisory Board Members

(Affiliations shown as at time of membership)
Lyndal Taylor (University of Technology, Sydney)
Tony Blackshield (Macquarie University)
Enid Campbell (Monash University)
Roger Cramton (Cornell University)
Neil Gold (University of Windsor)
Ian Macduff (Victoria University, Wellington)
Annette Marfording
John McLaren (University of Victoria)
Sir Neil MacCormick (University of Edinburgh)
Colin Phegan (University of Sydney)
Terence Purcell (Allied Legal Management Services P/L)
John Wade (Bond University)

Previous Editorial Committee Members

Lee Godden
Terry Hutchinson
Samantha Hardy
Paul Moyle
Jeffrey Barnes
Graeme Cooper
Judge Jack Goldring
Andrew Goldsmith
Richard Johnstone
Marlene Le Brun
Kathy Mack
Annette Marfording
Michelle Sanson
Michelle Slater
Nan Seuffert
Lyndal Taylor
Rosemary Tobin
John Wade
Lisa Westcott
Penelope Watson
Patrick Keyzer

Associate Editors:
Suzanne Garland
Krysanne Katsoulis
Nicola Nygh
Hau Wang
Frank Zumbo

Editorial Assistance:
Andrew Mitchell

Guest Editors:
Vol 6(2)
Margaret Davies
Bronwyn Naylor
Anne Orford
Dianne Otto

Previous Business Editor:
Christopher Roper