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A growing body of literature indicates rising levels of narcissism in the generation know as the Millennials (those born after 1980). Studies have noted that this rise correlates with the increasing popularity and usage of social networking sites within this group. Literature also increasingly is focussing on how to educate Millennials. Much of it advocates stepping away from emphasis on teaching to emphasis on learning. Socratic teaching appears out of step with this ideology, by which a variety of strategies are encouraged to accommodate Millennials’ differing talents and learning styles. Yet, at its core, Socratic teaching is about learning, but one must be receptive to the idea of questioning one’s own knowledge. It is an examination of the individual. Today’s young people also are all about the individual. But, rather than Socrates’ notion of care of the self, this generation — buoyed by attention garnered from social networking sites — appears more interested in care of the selfie.

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Socratic Teaching & The Millennials: Has Socrates’ Care of the Self Become the Millennials’ Care of the Selfie?