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Wade, John H. (1990-91), Meet MIRAT legal reasoning fragmented into learnable chunks. Legal Education Review, Vol.2, No. 2, pp. 283-297.

Copyright © John Wade & Legal Education Review , 1990-91.

Reproduced with permission.


Extract: Here is one method of describing the analytical aspect of "thinking like a lawyer" which has proved to many law students to be: * easy to remember * able to be used at different levels of sophistication * capable of use in every area of law * useful to define a personal or group educational goal * a reasonably precise method for a student to measure his/her performance in any written/spoken exercise * a helpful method for teachers to model in chunks * a satisfying method for marking written or spoken analytical exercises as strengths and weaknesses of each stage can be so precisely identified. This breakdown of the ubiquitous "thinking like a lawyer" is described by the acronym MIRAT.



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