Legal education, legal practice and ethics

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Nicolae, M. (2015). Legal education, legal practice and ethics. Legal Education Review, 25(1), 237-250.

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Law students entering the competitive work environment can benefit significantly from practical work experience during the course of their law degree. Whether gained through clinical education, external work experience or pro bono programs, the effect is to increase self-confidence, practical experience and, consequently, employability in students. It has been widely recognised that extra-curricular community engagement enhances graduate employability by combining experiential learning, course work and community service. This article contends that, not only is clinical experience an invaluable asset to students to enhance learning and to prepare them for practice, but a pro bono teaching clinic has the added benefit of developing a sense of social responsibility in students. It further considers the advantages of incorporating service learning — which falls under the category of experiential education — into a commercial law pro bono clinic, by reference to a case study of a successful clinic established within a university law faculty. The article further examines the challenges and considerations inherent in establishing such a clinic within a law school, and suggests solutions for implementing an effective faculty-run pro bono teaching clinic.



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