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Crowe, J., & Ananian-Welsh, R. (2016). Introduction. In R. Ananian-Welsh & J. Crowe (Eds.), Judicial independence in Australia: contemporary challenges, future directions (pp.1-6). Sydney: The Federation Press.

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Extract: Judicial independence is universally recognised as a necessary attribute of any society that claims adherence to the rule of law. In Australia, courts may be created by State, Territory and federal parliaments, giving rise to an interconnected network of judicial systems. Despite these divisions, Australian courts are all built upon a fundamental respect for judicial independence. In this volume, we reflect on the notion of judicial independence as it is relevant to the Australian context in the 21st century. We draw together chapters from leading and emerging constitutional scholars, to consider important questions and challenges to be faced as the nation strives to strengthen the independence of courts and judges in the Australian federation.

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