LexisNexis questions and answers - Civil procedure

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Zillmann, H., & Hemming, A. (2016). LexisNexis questions and answers - Civil procedure. Chatswood: LexisNexis Butterworth

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LexisNexis Questions and Answers — Civil Procedure is designed to facilitate both continuous review and preparation for examinations. This book provides an understanding of civil procedure and gives a clear and systematic approach to analyzing and answering problem and exam questions. Each chapter commences with a summary of the relevant law and key issues. Each question is followed by a suggested answer plan, a sample answer and comments on how the answer might be assessed by an examiner. The authors also offer advice on common errors to avoid when answering each question.

LexisNexis Questions and Answers — Civil Procedure covers:

• Summary of key issues in each chapter.

• Questions with answer guide, suggested answer, examiner’s comments and common errors to avoid.


• Helps students revise key areas before attempting problem questions

• Assists students with effective exam study preparation

• Enables students to practice applying their knowledge to hypothetical problems

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