Joining the BRICs: The case of South Africa

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Boulle, L. & Chella, J. (2014). Joining the BRICs: The case of South Africa. In V.I. Lo & M. Hiscock (Eds.), The Rise of the BRICS in the global poltical economy: Changing paradigms? (pp.99-122). Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

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© Copyright, Vai Io Lo & Mary Hiscock, 2014

2014 HERDC submission




This chapter examines and evaluates the accession of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) to the BR1C group of nations in April 2011. Given the fact that South Africa was, in several respects, an unlikely candidate for membership, and it remains the junior member in terms of most relevant indicators, the usage the 'BRICs' (as opposed to the BRICS) has been adopted here to identify the group post-RSA accession. Adoption of the lower case has a symbolism beyond the convenience of providing an acronymic plural for the BRIC - it suggests that in many respects South Africa is a limited player in a grouping of emerging economies which could be a potential force in the global political economy (World Bank, 2011a).

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