Advocacy before an international arbitral tribunal

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Boo, L. (2014). Advocacy before an international arbitral tribunal. In W. van Caenegem, & M. Hiscock (Eds.), The internationalisation of legal education: The future practice of law (pp.278-286). Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

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2014 HERDC submission




Extract: Litigation in domestic courts involves people, on both the bench and bar, who are trained in the same schools, have practised in the same legal regime for years and are therefore more familiar with the same legal culture, its specific practices and norms. Often the players will know or are familiar with each other. The same could not be said for the players in international arbitration. There, lawyers often deal with others from a totally different legal system, practice culture and working language, and whose values and understanding of legal principles are quite alien from theirs.

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