Law and public administration in Ireland

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Donson, F., & O'Donovan, D. (2015). Law and Public Administration in Ireland. Dublin: Clarus Press Ltd.

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Copyright © Donson and O'Donovan 2015. All rights reserved.

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Extract: It is often said that administrative law is notoriously difficult to study and to teach because its doctrines are abstract and nuanced, moving across a wide array of statutes and aspects of legal practice. This book is an attempt to defend administrative law as an exciting and dynamic subject which is central to meeting the future challenges facing Irish public governance.

Law and Public Administration in Ireland inevitably focuses heavily upon judicial review, as the central aspect of the legal regulation of governance, providing a firm backstop against government abuse of power. In our account of the grounds of judicial review, we have sought to track the movement within the case-law, rather than simply overview existing precedents. Administrative law is a deeply contextual subject, one in which formal doctrinal language obscures the completing principles of public policy and the role played by the complicated fact patterns of cases. This underlying connection with purpose and pragmatic sensitivity to context are essential for any student, practitioner or decision-maker dealing with judicial review cases, and we have sought to anchor our text in this emphasis.

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