Extraterritoriality in Data Privacy Law

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Svantesson, D.J.B (2013). Extraterritoriality in Data Privacy Law. Copenhagen: Ex Tuto Publishing.

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2013 HERDC submission. FoR code: 180107;180199




There are now more than 100 countries with data privacy laws. Having introduced and discussed key concepts such as data privacy, jurisdiction, forum shopping, Sovereignty and extraterritoriality, Professor Svantesson examines the extraterritoriality of current and proposed EU data privacy law, and the data privacy laws of Australia, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. He then proceeds to assess whether the extraterritoriality of data privacy laws can be either justified, or objected to, by reference to international law. Proposals are made for how the extraterritoriality of data privacy law may be regulated through a doctrine of 'market sovereignty'. Further the central role of geo-location technologies is discussed and a 'layered' approach to the extraterritoriality of data privacy law is introduced.

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