Altruism. Lights, camera, action!

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Weinert, K. (2013, June). Altruism. Lights, camera, action!, in Mountford, P. (ed), Peer Reviewed Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference Popular Culture Association (popCAANZ), Brisbane, Australia.

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The libertine character Douglas Reynholm in the UK television show the IT Crowd truthfully remarks, ‘I am sad to say that the only secure route to a Knighthood, in this sorry age, is via charity work’ (The IT Crowd, ‘Calendar Geeks’ Episode 6, Series 3). If self-interest is the motive to become involved in charity work, does that make Douglas Reynholm and other people like him, good or bad? Intuitively the answer to this question is in the negative. However, under the ethical egoism theory a positive answer is justifiable. The starting point of this paper is to first define ethical egoism theory. From here this article will connect this moral theory to Jane Bussmann’s book entitled The Worst Date Ever. Although Jane’s motive and involvement with the humanitarian issue of child soldiers was borne out of self-interest (that was to date and hopefully one day marry and live happily ever after with John Prendergast, the spunk of Peace and International Conflict) this paper maps her experiences in Uganda against this moral theory, as well as utilitarianism.

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